The Maverick Method

In Selling you either win or you lose, come learn what people who WIN do.

The Maverick Method is a powerful and unique selling method that provides the complete picture of how complex sales work. The Method has been researched, developed and practiced over a twenty-year period. We have studied and modeled over one hundred of the most successful salespeople. Unlike other selling methods the Maverick Method has been proven by salespeople on the frontlines of the most difficult selling environments imaginable. The Mavericks that we have modeled have been able to create new markets, dominate their market segments and marginalize their competitors.

What you will learn from the Maverick Selling Method:

  • How a complex sale really works
  • How to control the buying process
  • How to customize your selling process for your unique product
  • How to set and change the rules that will justify the buying decision
  • How to marginalize any competitor
  • How to close the deal in a predictable manner before your competitor even knows they have lost
  • What Mavericks do differently
  • How you can become a Maverick